Friday, March 13, 2009

so what i predicted (in my own mind) happened. it's been well over a week since i posted last. i want very much to be an everyday blogger but life just tends to get in the way. i am one of the people that gets so disappointed if one of the blogs i read hasn't been updated in two or three days let alone nine days. to me that's almost grounds for deletion from my bookmarks! so for that i apologize. being that there's so much to catch up on i will leave you with just a few of the images from this past week. the first image is of the "cone" method in which you are able to add fillings and whatnot. the second image is of the amazing ganache that tops them and last but not least the the mandatory dissection picture of the center. they are boston cream pie cupcakes and they were mighty delicious! hugs jackson

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