Wednesday, March 4, 2009

monsters and fire trucks

so last night my husband woke me up because i was shouting about monsters and fire trucks in my sleep. i'm pretty sure that i was dreaming about playing with our son, but one can never be certain of that period between sleep and wakefulness. everything gets real questionable in those few moments. the same can be said when trying to bake first thing in the morning.

i had been awaken from a peaceful sleep at 6:50 to be summoned into work. the first thing that crossed my mind after i accepted was i have to bake 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies before 17:00. between school, picking up oscar and making dinner i was at a lost of what to do. now i have attempted to do this whole wake up and bake immediately. i even prepared and measured everything the night before and failed miserably. i did this by adding 4, yes count them 4 cups of powdered sugar instead flour to the mix. that will teach me to not label things. it was a good thing my brain had woken up before my body fully had. i didn't have to drop off this morning and i had exactly twenty to whip together the dough and stick it in the fridge for later. i managed to get everything in order and still make it to the train with 4 to spare. but wouldn't you know it, i was off at 13:00 instead of 15:00. figures...

the one thing i manged to forget in the process was to document the actual cookies. so i leave you with an older picture of the same cookies and of the oreos i made last week and holy crap they are amazing and even better frozen. hugs, jackson

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