Monday, March 30, 2009

let them eat cake and do their multiplication tables

so here i am once again, slacking! but seeing how i'm back on a regular schedule, teaching lovely little 5th graders it's been quite hard to divvy out the attention equally amongst the natives let alone my little publication.

i do have good news about the blossoming business. i'm on my way to getting my hygiene classes so i'm 100% legit. i've also received quite a bit of positive feed back from the customers of my friends kim and marc's catering business. i supply his customers once a week with cakes and cookies and from what i've been told they get accosted by ten women asking about cake. they've even gone as far to say that friday is the highlight of there week. i have to say it was a nice ego boost when every once and again i wonder if this will ever really come to light. i've just written a little thing for their website and i'll leave you with that.......oh that and the cup cakes i made for them on friday. irish carbomb cupcakes. chocolate guinness cupcakes with chocolate whiskey ganache filling and baileys buttercream frosting. yes, just as good as it sounds.

Just how did an American bakery end up in Copenhagen, Denmark? I ended up in Denmark visiting a friend on a whim and that small excursion lead me to meet my Danish husband who had lived down the street from me in the states 10 years prior. I never really noticed there wasn’t much American style baked goods in Copenhagen until I became pregnant with our son. It was then I wanted nothing more than cookies, cakes and delicious treats from my childhood. I would search for them all around the city to no avail. That’s when I began baking for myself. Soon after I was baking for my family, friends and even friends of friends. Once the word got out I was being asked for baked goods and recipes from all around. That’s when we started discussing that opening an American bakery would be such a rewarding step in our lives. We’ve named it Bluegrass Bakery being that I’m from Louisville, KY and Kentucky is known as The Bluegrass State.

As we are only just starting up we are happy to be exclusively supplying Cate’away with an assortment of delicious cakes and cookies. We believe in baking from scratch, in small batches and using only quality ingredients. The inspiration for all our desserts comes from traditional American recipes. Not only do we create classic American baked goods but also we occasionally put a modern twist on old favorite. We wish you cake, cookies and the pursuit of happiness!

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